The Olney Fire Department is the municipal fire
department of the city of Olney.

The Olney Fire Protection District which includes the townships of Olney, Preston, and Madison have a contract with the city of Olney to provide fire protection to them.

Our area of coverage is between the east side of the 800 East Road and the west side of the 1500 East Road, and from the south county line(000North) to the north county line(1900 North). There are also several parcels of property on the east side of the 1500 East Road which have annexed in to the Olney Fire Protection District. The Olney Fire Protection District covers approximately 140 square miles.

We have written mutual-aid agreements with the Noble Fire Protection District, Claremont-Bonpas Fire Protection District, Wade Fire Protection District at Newton, Oblong Fire Department, Sumner-Christy Fire Protection District, West Salem Fire Department, Clay City Fire Department and MABAS Division 54.

The city of Olney has adopted the 2006 International Fire Codes.

We have an ISO rating of 5 for the city, and all areas in the fire district 1000 feet or less to a public fire hydrant and 5 road miles or less from the firehouse. Anything beyond that up to 10 miles will be a class 9.